I was whistling and a few birds came close, now I am whistling and so many are responding. I imagine to tell their buddies that there’s a weirdo trying to communicate.

How I wish for one day where there is stability in my brain.
There are many things to be thankful for on top of things that go without saying.
The things to be grateful for have saved many things and hindered only few.
That one day will arise and step out of the queue.
Hold their hands up high and give you plenty of time.

Я единственный, недовольны этим
Ég er sá eini sem er ekki ánægð með þetta
Jestem jedynym, który nie jest zadowolony z tego.
Jag är den enda som inte är glad över detta.
Jeg er den eneste som ikke er fornøyd med dette.

I have new goals to make for myself. :) 
Starting today, I will write about my day in poems. 
I will write about a day in my mind. 
May it be therapeutic and documentation of another persons mind. 

If people weren’t so afraid of themselves, there might be more sense in the world.
If people weren’t so afraid of others, there might be more peace in the world.