How different are we really from a group of gorillas? How different are we from a pride or a pack? Not much different. Other than being able to speak and use fire to our advantage. 
Look at a group of humans at an outing. Then watch a documentary of group animals and tell me it doesn’t like exactly the same. If you only manage to speak of differences, then you have lost your way. May the gods of Valhalla bestow the proper placement in life for you.

I have closed my eyes again and I saw nothing but trees and bushes. 
I heard a moment of silence then heard an ever so faint trickle of water. 
My eyes still closed, I turned my head to the left where I saw her. Standing there with her arms at her sides. Long sweeping sleeves that dragged up dirt and small twigs into her sleeves. She stood there, with her eyes fixed on me. Foaming at the mouth, A beat of depth of skins rose into my head. 
My hair now fallen to my back. My dress, once red, had turned beige. My arms were at at their sides, I began to foam at the mouth. The noises of drum beats got louder and faster. The tune of a flute’s whistle began to rise above and pierce the ears of the forest. Small creatures climbed into high parts of the tree’s to watch from safety. 
Next thing I knew, we were both still staring at each other. ON all fours and fur around our faces. Hers scraggly. Mine course and short. She bore her teeth, she scratched at the ground. I bore my teeth, and did not leave her eye sight. The drumming had stopped. There was another moment of absolute silence. Not even the tree’s were making a sound in the wind that was now blowing at us from the right.


you cant get in my pants unless you have these under yoursimage

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The angels singing
Soft voices gently ringing.
From left to right.
From left to right.
From up above down to Earth below.
High soft tones singing through me,
What a night to be dreaming.
It is night. You’re on your own.
Say good night.
Say good night