fuck you 


girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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I find myself comparing things to wolf packs. The countries. Groups of people who come in and out of my life. Peoples interactions in public. And I realize that there are SO many beta’s. There are beta’s who take advantage of other beta’s when given the chance. They are taking every possible chance they can to be dominant over another. That one is one who will never be alpha for that reason. Not only do they try to dominate over one who has no connection, they don’t dominate over the one that dominates them. They are too submissive. Too weak.
I am referring to people. 
The sad thing with this is it doesn’t make you look good. It doesn’t make you look strong and it sure as hell doesn’t make you strong.

We all experience a darkness that seems to let us believe it may be gone for good. 
When we do believe it is, it reappears and knocks us down. 
For those of us who remain humble, this can be difficult. 
For those who let it get to their heads, it is devastating.


If you find that your reality is no longer pleasing, that means you’ve spent too much time dreaming.

Lol, I also just remembered when I was like 9 grade or 10 I don’t remember which one exactly but, I had a friend who had turned 18 and she was talking about politics with her dad, I think (with someone I don’t recall if it was with me or her dad) But, I remember saying “I’m not interested in politics. I don’t think I ever will be”
She said “you will though. When you turn 18 and need health insurance”
I laughed and then repeated again that I didn’t think I would ever pay attention to politics.
Here I am. 19 years old almost 20 and I am paying a great deal attention to politics.